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Bryan L. Gipson is a highly experienced hotel real estate broker and consultant who specializes in the sale and valuation of hospitality assets. In his 25 year career, Mr. Gipson, has sold over 125 hotels and consulted on the valuation of another 250 hotel assets. He has a broad skill set in the fields of hotel brokerage, valuation analysis, market... analysis and property tax abatement. More
Yatish is a Hospitality Broker in Southern California. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California.
Joel W. Hiser is a hospitality real estate broker in our San Francisco, California office and is responsible for oversight of the firm's brokerage and capital market activities. As a highly experienced real estate advisory professional, he also oversees the Firm's consulting practice. He has a broad base of experience in the areas of commercial rea...l estate including: property sales, property management, leasing, contract negotiation, land-use entitlement and hotel asset management, development and debt financing. More

Of this we are certain, no one is better qualified and positioned to assist clients in succeeding with their hotel, tourism and leisure projects, assets and investments than the hotel experts at HTL Hospitality Advisors.

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