Hotel Management

HTL Hotel Management, LLC is a mid-sized, full service hospitality management consulting company which has the experience and resources to provide quality, efficient, property level management services to its clients located throughout North America and the Caribbean. We are a preferred management company of numerous major franchise companies and have earned a reputation for improving hotel profitability and resolving problems for distressed hotel assets. By combining the resources of our property management team with our consultants, asset management and capital market specialists, we provide an unparalleled ability to assist our clients in optimizing profitability and creating long-term asset appreciation.

Our company has an exceptional group of senior executives with comprehensive, in depth management skills in all facets of hotel operations including among others:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Revenue Management
  • Accounting and Internal Controls
  • Human Resources
  • Food and Beverage
  • Meeting and Conference Center Services
  • Water Park Management
  • Renovation and On-Going Maintenance

HTL Management Organizational Chart

We utilize the expertise of these executives to ensure hotel profitability is enhanced through a well implemented combination of revenue growth initiatives and cost containments. Furthermore, we identify branding and repositioning opportunities that can create previously unrecognized asset value potential for our clients.

Over the years, we have planned, coordinated and implemented numerous successful renovation projects. We have the proven expertise and industry connections to successfully plan and renovate a hotel or resort to meet the requirements of the brand affiliation and more importantly, the desires and needs of the guest. Our comprehensive planning takes into consideration designer, architect and contractor selection, budgeting, scheduling and the impact on the on-going ability to operate the property with limited guest dissatisfaction.

For more detailed explanation on the following services, tap each of the titles below.

Management Services

HTL Hotel Management offers a full array of property management services to ensure that each hotel is efficiently and effectively managed to maximize its full operating potential. Onsite hotel managers and senior management are hotel experts who are well versed in:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting – Financial systems and controls are installed to ensure accurate and timely reporting of historical operating results according to industry standards, provide accurate cash flow forecasts and verify internal controls and other financial reporting policies are being adhered to.
  • Business Planning and Ownership Reporting – Annual business plans including zero-based operating budgets and sales/marketing plans are diligently prepared and implemented. Monthly owner reports are provided that explain not only variances from plan but proposed strategies for addressing changes in current market conditions.
  • Food and Beverage Concepts and Cost Controls – New concepts are constantly evaluated and recommended where deemed appropriate. Close adherence to cost controls is emphasized. Controls are monitored and operating procedures as well as service quality are continually evaluated and improved upon.
  • Franchise and Reservation System Management – Franchise selection, contract negotiation and compliance are essential ingredients for success along with a full understanding and aggressive utilization of the reservation system.
  • Human Resource Administration – Corporate office coordination is provided for new employee orientation and on-going programs are implemented to track and expand the career development of staff members at all levels of operation.
  • Leasing and Service Contracts – Experienced corporate office personnel are utilized to negotiate all commercial leases including food and beverage operations and provide oversight of any service contract arrangements.
  • Marketing and Sales – Development of a comprehensive marketing and sales plan that can be monitored, adjusted to changing market trends and measured for performance.
  • Pre-opening, Renovation and Technical Services – For new hotels or assets needing re-positioning, a well coordinated plan is established and implemented to complete the project on schedule, within budget and with minimal disruption in service.
  • Revenue Management – A yield management strategy is developed for each specific hotel including comprehensive room rate pricing strategies, website design oversight, GDS placement and sales training all of which are necessary to assure RevPar maximization.
  • Training and Service – Proven staff training programs are implemented to ensure the highest level of guest services, product quality and cleanliness, and minimization of workman’s compensation claims, EEOC issues, and illegal employment exposure.

Asset Management

HTL is an acknowledged expert in the field of Asset Management. HTL works closely with owners and hospitality management companies to meet the Owners objectives and needs for the performance of the property. HTL has been providing Asset Management to clients for over two decades. We work with you to develop and maintain a long term strategy to match your investment goals. HTL collects all necessary data on trends, market share and competitors, providing priorities, helping to make decisions and/or establishing alternatives that deliver profits. Our only agenda is your agenda.

Interim Management Services

Years of providing Receivership and Trustee related management assignments has enabled our firm to develop unique take-over, interim management and transition skills. We can quickly mobilize a highly qualified staff to handle management of a hotel or resort for a very short period of time or longer as the assignment evolves. Many short-term engagements require new front office system selection and implementation, website development or modifications, accounting and payroll system conversions and liquor license assumption, among others. In short, we have the proven ability to make seamless management transitions in difficult situations with very limited financial or service level impact at the property level.

PMS & Accounting Systems

Our staff is well qualified to assist owners with selection and implementation of front office property management systems as well as back office accounting systems. We have experience in assisting both small limited service properties and larger full service hotels including water park properties and boutique assets.

Our assistance goes beyond just evaluating and selecting the most appropriate system for a hotel. We work closely with the owner and management company to implement the selected systems and help develop accounting procedures necessary to insure proper internal controls are set in place to safeguard hotel revenues and properly categorize and account for all operating expenses.

Hotel Receivership & Bankruptcy Services

When all else fails, HTL Hotel Management can provide hotel receivership, bankruptcy, and litigation support services, such as:

  • Receivership services for individual hotels, inns, resorts and commercial real estate as well as portfolios of these assets. Our seasoned receivers and trustees have over 20 years experience and have worked with all types and sizes of hospitality properties including mixed-use and condominium hotels.
  • Disposition of assets through our affiliated hotel brokerage group.
  • Lender and owner litigation support.
  • Hotel expert witness testimony.
  • Bankruptcy liquidating agent services

Our receivership group has:

  • In-house hotel brokerage and property management companies to allow the entire receivership, property management, and disposition process to function efficiently and effectively which helps reduce the overall costs and duration of receivership.
  • Considerable experience dealing with consulting engineers, contractors, local building code enforcers, fire and life safety issues, liquor license transfers, and lessees of various concessions and services offered in hotel properties.
  • Issue timely, accurate and detailed monthly court reports and financial statements which helps the lender better understand current use of funds and plan for future operating capital requirements.
  • Highly qualified hotel appraisal staff (MAI) who can quickly arrive at a problem property’s value which aids the development of a resolution strategy.
  • Prearranged designated trust fund checking accounts for each specific asset, insuring safety of operating funds.
  • Prearranged merchant credit card accounts used for processing credit card payments.
  • Significant experience in working with lenders, their counsel, and the courts to assure that the “Order Appointing Receiver and Temporary Restraining Order” appropriately define the role of the receiver in taking possession and control, operating the business, completing or ending construction, and the like.

The bottom line is that we are uniquely qualified to secure the asset, operate it professionally, improve the asset’s cash flow and thus it’s market value, and, if needed, dispose of the asset while it is in receivership. This allows the lender to remain out of the chain of title and potentially offer seller financing.

Commercial Property Receivership & Bankruptcy Services

HTL Hotel Management can provide receivership, bankruptcy, and litigation support services for commercial real estate such as: property management, asset management, disposition of assets; lender and owner litigation support and expert witness testimony. Our knowledgeable real estate and finance executives are experienced in handling all types and sizes of commercial real estate properties including: city-center and suburban office, retail centers, industrial, multi-family buildings as well as hotels.

Over the past 25-years, we have worked with and have assisted large international lending institutions such as banks, insurance companies and pension funds effectively deal with their troubled loans or real estate owned assets. We also have been recommended for appointment as receivers and trustees by numerous CMBS special servicer companies, national and regional banks, and private capital lending groups.

In order to bring the best team of experts to each assignment, we often team with other national real estate companies for assistance with non-hotel property management, leasing or brokerage activities. This approach to receivership and trustee work enables us to professionally handle properties located throughout the country.

The bottom line is that we are uniquely qualified to secure most types of commercial real estate assets, operate them professionally, improve the operating cash flow and thus market value, and dispose of the asset while it is in receivership.

Of this we are certain, no one is better qualified and positioned to assist clients in succeeding with their hotel, tourism and leisure projects, assets and investments than the hotel experts at HTL Hospitality Advisors.

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